Personal Loans – Who can apply?

Astro loans: who can apply for them?

Astro loans: who can apply for them?

To apply for a loan from Astro just have a demonstrable income .

Unlike other financial companies or credit institutions, Astro is available to grant a personal loan, as well as to employees with permanent contracts, to pensioners and self-employed workers, also to employees with fixed-term contracts.

Of course, given that there is no certainty of renewing the contract, the duration of the loan cannot exceed twice the residual period of the employment contract. In principle, therefore, all workers or pensioners aged between 18 and 72 can obtain a loan.

Loan offers from Astro

Loan offers from Astro

Astro offers consumers three types of personal loan distinguishing them by characteristics inherent in each formula. Multipremia, Fidiamo and Un1ka can therefore be chosen by consumers according to the needs and, as we will see, also according to the characteristics of the individual user.

Multi-award loan

Multipremia is the financial product of Astro dedicated to all those consumers who are loyal and punctual in the payment of installments. In fact, those who are used to paying installments extremely punctually can find in Multipremia a good solution that will decrease the APR over time, which is decisive for lowering the amount of installments to be paid.

The mechanism underlying Multipremia provides that all loans, with a minimum duration of 36 months, can be recalculated after 48 months with a lower APR than the initial one. The minimum amount that can be requested in this formula is $ 3,000, the maximum 30,000, to be repaid in a time between 36 and 84 months.

The maximum fixed TAN applied is 10.40% which can drop to 4.95%, while the maximum APR corresponds to 15.77% which will drop to 9.54% with punctual payments.

Loan we trust

Fidiamo is the personal loan that we could define as traditional and allows you to establish the amount to be requested, between $ 3,000 and $ 30,000, with a repayment term of minimum 24 installments and a maximum of 84 installments. The maximum fixed TAN applied is 10.90%, the APR is 17.48% .

Un1ka debt consolidation loan

Un1ka is dedicated to those who already have one or more loans – this is a loan for debt consolidation – underway with Astro and need new liquidity.

With this financial product it is therefore possible to add the residual amounts to be repaid and request the necessary to fulfill one’s wishes or solve the tasks of everyday life, paying the financial one only one installment per month, instead of two or three.

The maximum amount that can be requested must be between $ 3,000 and $ 30,000 to be paid in 24 or at most 84 months. In this case the TAN applied will be a maximum of 9.90% while the APR will reach a ceiling of 16.33% .

How to apply for a Astro loan

How to apply for a Astro loan

Astro loans can be or you can choose to contact the nearest credit point to enter into a contract or receive advice.

However, if the chosen solution is the “do it yourself” online, on the official website of the financial company, by clicking on “Apply for a loan online” you must first read and accept the privacy policy.

Once the institute has consented to the processing of its personal data, it will ask to indicate the province to which it belongs, which is necessary to verify which agency is closest to its home. At this point, the request form will open to be filled in with the applicant’s data, including the email and telephone number needed to be contacted.

If copies of all documents are not requested at this stage, once contacted by the branch consultant, an identity document, tax code and document certifying income (the last 3 payrolls) must be presented to the appointment., the tax return, the pension slip or the CUD according to the job category to which they belong), the IBAN and a registered household.

Even foreigners residing in Italy can apply for a loan from Astro, but must present a residence permit or a valid card at the branch.

Interest rates

Interest rates

The TAN, regardless of the financial product chosen, remains fixed while the APR in some cases can exceed 17% . The investigation costs are variable and essentially depend on the amount requested: in any case, the maximum cost that the financial one will request corresponds to $ 300, to which are added $ 16.00 stamp duty, the collection costs installment equal to 3, $ 00 and $ 1.2 for each report sent. There is the possibility of securing your financing with the “Proxilia Credit” coverage.

Delivery and refund

Acceptance of the request is followed, within 48 hours, by crediting the money to your current account ; the reimbursement can instead be made by RID – direct interbank relationship – or by postal order. The contractor can choose to pay the installments on the 5th, 15th or 28th of each month but the first installment cannot be charged before the 20 calendar days from the acceptance of the loan.

Who is Astro

Astro is an integral part of the Gen Society Group established in 1864 as a company incorporated under French law. The institute was born as the main financier of industry and infrastructure in France and then nationalized in 1945.

Privatization took place in 1987, the year in which Gen Society began to focus on its interests by expanding the structure with new acquisitions and with the foundation of specialized credit divisions.

It is in these years that Astro arises, immediately becoming the reference for consumer credit, capable of giving personal loans, granting loans of the fifth, purchases in installments, credit cards and revolving as well as leasing

Astro personal loans can be requested in affiliated points of sale as well as online, thanks to the IT simplification that has been fully embraced by the finance company.

The solidity of Astro is well demonstrated by the figures: in 2014, it disbursed more than 1,200 million USD, carrying out 800,000 operations in over 10,000 affiliated stores or 120 national agencies. In fact, even if you request a personal loan online, the system will send the request to the sales and consultancy point closest to your area of ​​residence: each customer can then go directly to the office or complete the operation from the web.


Astro is the financial company that offers flexible solutions to achieve their dreams in a short time: the different financial products respond perfectly to the different types of consumer, also including workers with fixed-term contracts, to approach the needs of those who, despite having a precarious work, he does not want to deny himself small and big satisfactions.

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